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Driver requirements
Jul 25, 2018

At present, road sweeper and private car more and more, also more and more annoying life, the reason is that there is a part of the owner's concept, driving skills and psychological quality is poor. 

First, road sweeper driver's heart quality, driving car needs good psychological quality, not everyone is suitable for driving, if you have no patience, and no keen observation ability, especially quick reaction ability you are not suitable for driving. 

Second, road sweeper driver's theoretical quality, driving learning can only make people master driving only, more technology through experience and actual driving process slowly experience, sum up accumulation. Third, road sweeper driver's driving skill, the driver should be familiar with the vehicle use instruction genus, must know which has the vehicle tool and the use method, knows four oil, three liquid examination and the supplementary method. 

Learn to clean the air filters. Four, road sweeper driver's moral quality, driving through the pedestrian's stagnant water section, the rapid reduction speed, enters the community does not whistle, strictly according to the stipulation uses the light. Politeness makes the line.

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