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Maintenance of road sweeper car
Jul 25, 2018

1, in order to avoid the operation error, the road sweeper control valve mainly distinguishes between the main valve and the auxiliary valve. So where are the main differences between the two valves, the main valve power from the road sweeper chassis, the auxiliary valve power from the special functional part of the auxiliary engine. The common road sweeper engine has the direction wood, the river Bell, the Cummins.

Main valve management chassis behind the shell car tilt and the rear door of the hydraulic switch, deputy valve Management Road Sweeper Four of the brush (can control one side or all of the work) and sucker work.

2, road sweeper's auxiliary engine because chooses the engine brand different power different, but the general speed in 1500 turns-1800 turns around

3, according to the needs of the general can choose whether to have the use of water spray dust, general configuration of the general after the spray water, and also pay attention to the water box water adequacy, general water box volume is different, working time may be a gap.

4, the road sweeper solenoid valve pressure regulation is generally on the overflow valve, users can adjust the pressure to change the speed of sweeping brush.

5, in addition, sweeping car can be selected according to road conditions to the left side of the vehicle and brush the right side of the work, such as sweeping the corner of the street, only to open by the side of the corner brush rotation work

6, the garbage bin of road sweeper may have small dust deposition, it needs manual handling when cleaning rubbish bin.

7, the distance of the suction sucker from the ground should be adjusted frequently according to the road section situation.

8, road sweeper may often have dusty mud adhesion, need to regularly clean up to better effect.

9, the control box of the electrical parts in order to use more stable need to replace the best one to remove a change.

10, sanitation workers should regularly check whether the functional parts of the normal

11, in order to avoid the foreign body in the hydraulic oil will affect the normal operation of electromagnetic control valve, sanitation workers should regularly check whether the hydraulic oil is normal.

12, often check the vehicle auxiliary engine clutch electric PUSH rod limit device is normal.

13, sweeping car control button conversion, the time interval should be 5 seconds 14, when the road sweeper a hydraulic part of the work is not normal, according to the steps first check the circuit and then check. (1) The circuit part of the abnormal possible reasons are: the insurance disconnect, loose line connection, broken lines (2) Oil circuit part of the abnormal possible reasons are: pump failure, tubing rupture or oil circuit junction off the spill, solenoid valve failure.

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