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Maintenance of sprinkler
Jul 25, 2018

(1) Car chassis and supporting pump maintenance according to the corresponding use of the instructions.

(2) before the use of vehicles should be used in accordance with the requirements of the vehicle operating instructions.

(3) long-distance transition consignment, the vehicle should be fixed before and after the skid-proof device, and around 200mm left over the gap, if the transition should normally be the front nozzle and after the sprinklers removed to prevent loose loss.

(4) Often check out the liquid hole, the mouth has no blockage phenomenon, found that debris should be cleaned up in time.

(5) Each class work is finished, should clean oil, the pipeline rolls neatly, cleans the scene, closes the door Lou.

(6) The long-term use of vehicles or winter storage, should be put out of the tank, pump and pipe in the remaining water, storage should be parked in the shed, wipe test clean to avoid exposure to rain. Cleaning of the sprinkler chassis: the closest chassis to the ground must have been messed up by the sand. So before we clean the other parts, we have to do a full cleaning of the chassis of the 10-ton sprinkler. After the muddy road, 10 tons of sprinkler front and rear wheel plate will be stained with yellow mud and small sandstone.

In the cleaning of the need for high-pressure water gun placed under the hub plate, high-pressure water gun spray direction toward the hub plate, so as to effectively remove the attachment to the hub plate. Cleaning of sprinkler finishes: the chassis is clean and we can clean 10 tons of sprinkler bodies. First of all, the use of tap water from top to bottom to wash the paint surface, the purpose is to wash away the larger size of the car gravel. Use a towel from the top to the bottom of the car and gently wipe. Please note that the more close to the chassis of the more careful to wipe the paint, lest car paint by sand scraping.

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