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Sprinkler function Description
Jul 25, 2018

(1) as close as possible to the operating point of the sprinkler, stationed in the car.

(2) Open the side door of the box, take out the suction hose, so that it swings backwards, no bending phenomenon.

(3). The suction hose is pumped into the water as deep as possible to ensure that the pipe end is always below 300mm of the liquid level during the operation.

(4). Push the four-pass valve handle perpendicular to the ground.

(5). Put the transmission into the air, and then start the engine, separate the clutch, pull the switch back pulling the force, the lifting gear, the pump began to operate.

(6) The operator may pass the rear seal head Upper observation mirror, when the liquid level reaches the observation mirror middle, should inform the driver, the colleague should prompt the suction hose to pull off the water surface or closes the four-pass valve.

(7) After the rubber tube is put away, it is placed back to the box, and the side door is closed. 

(8) The sprinkler will be driven away from the pumping location

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