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The use of sweeping car precautions
Jul 25, 2018

In the running-in period of the vehicle, in peacetime to check regularly, in advance to find problems and exclude it.

1. Oil, cooling water, tire gas, and so on, must be sufficient, no leakage phenomenon occurred, the discovery of debt should be supplemented in a timely manner.

2. If there is abnormal sound, to timely overhaul, the running-in period of mechanical failure on the vehicle impact, often than through the running-in period of the vehicle by mechanical failure of the impact is much greater. 3. In general, there are warning lights on the dashboard, and some cars are even installed on the computer.

Timely detection of alarm information in the dashboard and computer to better control the condition of the vehicle.

Classification analysis and maintenance of folding transmission Cleaning sweep road Car gear type of variable transmission according to the structure can be divided into two-axis and three-axle transmission. The two-axle transmission is widely used in front-wheel-driven passenger cars of the engine, while the three-axle transmission can be applied to other types of vehicles. No-grade transmission in the cleaning of the road car is rarely used, is generally the use of metal belt transmission power, through the main, driven pulley diameter change to achieve stepless speed, the change in transmission ratio is continuous, the transmission in the middle and advanced passenger cars more and more applications.

[2] The integrated transmission is made up of hydraulic torque converter and gear transmission, which is usually controlled by a microprocessor to automatically shift gears, so many of these transmissions are called automatic transmissions. This transmission ratio can be between the maximum and the minimum number of gaps between the range to do the stepless change, currently in the cleaning of the road to use more vehicles.

Also here to remind that the transmission of the number of files refers to the number of forward files, the general said that the five-speed manual transmission refers to have five forward gears. The maintenance check of the clutch of the sweeper mainly includes checking the free stroke of the clutch pedal, checking the working condition of the clutch, checking the liquid level of the clutch storage tank and so on. First, the clutch tank liquid height Check: Check the main cylinder storage tank in the clutch fluid (brake fluid) surface height, if less than "MAX" mark, should be added, and to further check the clutch hydraulic control mechanism is leaking parts.

Hydraulic control mechanism leakage inspection is mainly to check the main cylinder and tubing, working cylinder and tubing and oil seals and other parts of the clutch fluid traces. Second, the cleaning car clutch pedal inspection: 1 Step on the clutch pedal, check whether there are the following failures: 1 pedal rebound weakness, 2 abnormal sound, 3 pedal over loose; 4 pedal heavy. 2 Check the clutch pedal height: clutch pedal Height inspection, lift the carpet or floor leather, with a ruler to measure the ground to the clutch pedal on the surface of the distance. If the standard is exceeded, the pedal height should be adjusted. The adjustment of the clutch pedal height can be carried out by the position-limiting bolts after the pedal.

3 Check the clutch pedal free stroke. Cleaning the pedal free trip inspection: with a ruler against the cabin floor, first measure the pedal completely relaxed height, and then with the hand press pedal, when the resistance increases when the measure pedal height, two times the height of measurement is the pedal free trip. Pedal free stroke adjustment, hydraulic control mechanism is generally adjusted to the length of the main cylinder putter, first the main cylinder push rod lock nut to loosen, and then rotate the main cylinder putter, so as to adjust the pedal free stroke, after adjustment should tighten the lock nut.

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