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The use of water tanker precautions
Jul 25, 2018

When the sprinkler uses the ditch and the pond as the water source, pay attention to the suction pipe end completely submerged. In order to avoid the inhalation of stones or more sediment, drift debris, suction pipe end generally equipped with filtration device, water absorption is strictly prohibited to remove the filter. If the water is shallow, need to dig deeper in advance to ensure that there is no debris and not into the air.

Different sprinkler pumps on the water requirements is a difference, the water pump requirements can not be impurities, turbid water pump requires no stones and too much silt. Centrifugal pump before each suction, you must add a certain amount of water to the pump, after the addition of water must be closed.

Self-priming pump when used for the first time, need to add water diversion, then no longer need to add diversion. Water intake system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum in order to be in the water suction tank.

Water pipe system must be sealed and reliable, hose can not be damaged, hard pipe can not have cracks, otherwise it will produce leakage phenomenon, also caused by the situation of water absorption.

When the sprinkler is in the water or before the sprinkler, the pull device must be mounted at the stop. Before winter comes, the water in the pump and pipe should be emptied to prevent frost cracking.

North China in general winter no longer construction, so after the completion of the construction, the pump and water pipe immediately emptied to prevent trouble. Sprinkler head position is lower, near the ground, spraying pressure is large, it can be used for flushing the road surface, the post nozzle position is higher (sprinkler head after the general installation of the sprinkler), sprinkle the water wide, can be used for highway construction sprinkler, the use of sprinkler nozzle, the front nozzle should be closed; sprinkler width can be adjusted according to need when watering with adjustable sprinkler head.

The wider the watering width, the less the middle overlap and the more evenly the watering density.

In the use of the process to regularly lubricate the drive assembly lubrication points, often fastening the junction to ensure normal use. The sprinkler tank is provided with a sewage pipe which is imported into the lowest point of the water tank. After a period of use, should periodically open the sewage pipe switch, will be stored in the tank to eliminate the debris until the water becomes clear.

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