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The working principle of watering car
Jul 25, 2018

The sprinkler is to use the engine power of the vehicle to drive the truck-mounted water pump, from the inlet to the car add water or the tank in the water through the pipeline to each nozzle, so as to achieve a variety of functions. Before the sprinkler pump work, the liquid stock in the pump must be higher than the pump shaft, therefore, the pump inlet must be followed by a curved upward bending pipe and a horizontal pipe and quick joint, Fast Connector center line must be higher than the center of the pump shaft 300 mm; The inlet piping system must be guaranteed not to leak; the suction head must be immersed in water so as to avoid air suction pipe

, the outlet pipe and the pump outlet connection must ensure that the straight pipe length ≥ 200 mm, and then connect the elbow pipe. The sprinkler pump uses the external mixing type self-priming structure, the pump should have the right amount of liquid. After the pump is started, impeller rotation, impeller inlet form negative pressure, suction pipe in the gas and pump liquid mixing, through the chamber into the gas-liquid separation chamber.

Because the proportion of gas and liquid is poor, gas from the liquid separation, from the export pipe, liquid in the gas-liquid separation chamber, after several cycles, until the suction tube of gas discharged and filled with liquid, complete the self-priming process, the pump began normal infusion. Sprinkler pump can be used to absorb water and pressure drainage function, self-priming pump can be the water directly into the tank, can also be directly from the city streets of the fire hydrant connected to water, inhalation can be carried out in the body sprinkler operations.

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