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Trouble shooting
Jul 25, 2018

Water can not be caused by the following reasons: 1, pipe seal is not strict 2, water filter into the water is too deep 3, pump vacuum is not good 4, water shortage. Solution: 1, check the rubber pad, adjust the thickness of the gasket, tighten the joint screws 2, deep water filter 3, according to the pump instructions to troubleshoot 4, add sufficient water diversion. Watering width is insufficient for the following points: 1, the pump speed is not up to the rating 2, the spraying angle is not 3, the pipeline has blockage or leakage phenomenon. Solution: 1, increase the throttle, improve the engine speed to the pump speed of the rated value 2, adjust the spraying angle of 3, eliminate blockage or leakage phenomenon. Pump noise or vibration of the original has the following: 1, bearing clearance is too large 2, gear gap is too large 3, gear box oil shortage. Solution: Refer to the pump instructions to exclude. Ball valve operation failure causes the following points: 1, cylinder failure 2, valve core damage. Solution: 1, check whether the electricity, gas road has been loosened 2, the replacement ball valve.

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