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Jul 25, 2018

China Road sweeper Industry after decades of development, the product from a single pure sweep development to the current variety of types, product performance and product quality rapidly improve, especially after the reform and opening-up, through the import of key parts of the car to make road sweeper product performance and reliability greatly improved. However, there are still some gaps in the level of road sweeper in China compared with foreign developed countries, especially in the reliability of products. In order to improve the level of road sweeper in our country as soon as possible, narrow the gap with the level of road sweeper in advanced country, meet the requirement of the sanitation department in our country, the road sweeper manufacturer should choose a suitable road sweeper research direction. With the development of society, progress, no longer satisfied with the pure sense of the vacuum car, will be multi-functional, environmental protection, economic and other aspects of the demand, the market calls to meet a variety of needs of the vacuum car. It is in the above circumstances, by the China Construction Second Bureau Luoyang Construction Machinery factory and Luoyang Chi Windmill Co., Ltd. jointly developed with independent intellectual property rights of the new multi-functional full-suction Road sweeper has been officially put on the market. This new model can be used to clean the ground once, road Dauga Edge cleaning, road Dauga cleaning and cleaning of the ground after the sprinkler, suitable for a variety of climate and different dry road cleaning operations, more suitable for the square, highway, residential quarters, car parks, terminals, airports, stations, cement plants, power stations and other places clean dust。

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