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Introduction To Spraying Vehicle
Jul 25, 2018

Spraying vehicles for urban roads, large factories, troops, gardens and other units to clean the road, health, dust, water, spraying pesticides, to achieve the role of beautifying the environment. At the same time can be used for temporary emergency fire sprinkler, each sprinkler is equipped with a fire-fighting special interface. Driven by the engine gearbox, the gearbox installed on the force-driven sprinkler pump, sprinkle water pump to generate the main power, the tank inside the liquid through the pipe network spraying. Self-priming height: ≤7m, sprinkler width: ≥20m, maximum range: ≥28m, adjustable to columnar, range ≥28m, can also be adjusted into a foggy, range ≥5m. Before spraying, the front is equipped with a duck-shaped nozzle or a round head punch, the rear is equipped with a cylindrical spray nozzle or a shower nozzle, the rear part has a working platform, equipped with high-pressure water cannon. The rear can also be fitted with 8 nozzles (optional) for flushing of the street.

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