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Pure Suction Type Road Sweeping
Jul 25, 2018

Introduction of pure suction Road sweeper

Pure Suction Road sweeper independent development and production of "No pure suction road sweeper two times dust pollution, function better than the traditional road sweeper" New High-tech products! The car adopts the principle of vacuum suction, from dust-absorbing system, once dust-collecting box, two times dust collection box, dust recovery system, hydraulic system, electronic control system and walking system, and so on, with a wide range of dust absorption, high absorption rate, no secondary dust suction, no dust discharge, high efficiency, is sanitation cleaning and material recovery of the preferred products. It is suitable for many dust, high concentration and large density industrial and mining enterprises which are easy to produce dust pollution, fast cleaning and cleaning of urban viaduct, expressway and Bridge tunnel, and cleaning of urban main roads, high-grade highways and highways.

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