• Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Vehicle

    Asphalt pavement maintenance vehicle Asphalt pavement maintenance vehicles include: asphalt pavement on-site heat regeneration, asphalt concrete forced mixing, asphalt sprinkling, pavement crack...
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  • Vehicle Road Maintenance Vehicle.

    Vehicle road maintenance vehicle. The multi-purpose road maintenance vehicle is a special vehicle specially developed for the needs of road maintenance and repair operations. It is convenient to...
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  • Hot Regenerative Pavement Maintenance Vehicle

    Hot regenerative pavement maintenance vehicle The Hot regenerative pavement maintenance vehicle, the waste asphalt that is pitted and excavated, does not need to be crushed, and is 100% in situ to...
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  • Towed Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Vehicle

    Towed asphalt pavement maintenance vehicle Product details Trailer-type asphalt pavement maintenance vehicles are mainly designed to repair various problems such as pits, cracks, clumps,...
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  • Towed Road Repair Vehicle

    Towed road repair vehicle The towed road repair vehicle has a practical maintenance vehicle that integrates on-site heat regeneration of asphalt pavement, forced mixing of asphalt concrete, and...
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  • Pull-type Repairing Pavement Maintenance Car

    Towed road surface thermal regenerative repair vehicle Technical advantages of Towed road surface thermal regenerative repair vehicle 1. The equipment can be applied to summer asphalt pavement...
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  • Traction Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Vehicle

    Traction type asphalt pavement maintenance vehicle The asphalt pavement thermal regeneration repairing vehicle is designed for many kinds of diseases such as pits, cracks, clumps, subsidence, and...
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  • Traction Type Repairing Pavement Maintenance Car

    Traction repair road maintenance vehicle Towed repairing pavement maintenance vehicles have: asphalt pavement is geothermal forced regeneration, asphalt concrete mixing, asphalt, pavement crack...
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  • Traction Type Pavement Thermal Regeneration Maintenance Vehicle

    Traction type road surface heat recovery maintenance vehicle Traction road surface thermal regenerative maintenance vehicle repair high intensity, low cost, all-weather operation. The waste...
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  • Asphalt Pavement Repair Vehicle

    Asphalt repair truck Product details It is designed for many kinds of diseases, such as pit, inclusion, subsidence and so on, caused by asphalt pavement. Flexible, fast, safe and efficient...
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  • Mobile Pavement Repair Vehicle

    Mobile road repair vehicle Mobile road repair vehicle SDZ5107TXBE asphalt pavement heat regeneration repair vehicle, large output, high efficiency, low construction cost, energy saving and...
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  • Hot Regeneration Road Repair Car

    Multifunctional road repair vehicle Multi-functional road repair car has: asphalt pavement is geothermal renewable, compulsory mixing asphalt concrete, asphalt, pavement crack seam tracking...
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