Road Repair Machine

  • Asphalt Pavement Heat Recovery Road Repair Machine

    Asphalt pavement thermal regeneration highway patching machine The working process of the asphalt pavement heat regeneration repairing vehicle is to heat the diseased road by using a special brick...
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  • Pull-type Highway Road Machine

    Towed highway repairer Towed highway repair machines include: asphalt road surface on the geothermal regeneration, asphalt concrete forced mixing, for other hydraulic tools to provide hydraulic...
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  • Multi-function Road Road Repair Machine

    Multi-function road repair machine Main performance features: 1. The asphalt tank is equipped with temperature control device to guarantee the temperature of asphalt. 2. The mixing chamber is...
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  • Road Pit Repair Machine

    Road pit repair machine The Road pit repair machine is mainly used for repairing and filling, and the uneven pits caused by the pavement during use. And the materials that have been used can be...
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  • Mobile Pit Repair Machine

    Portable pit repair machine Product introduction: The portable pit repair machine is equipped with an emulsified asphalt pipeline cleaning system with a solvent tank and a pumping system. The best...
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  • Trailer Type Pit Repair Machine

    Towed pit repair machine Product details The Towed pit repair machine is a multi-functional product with a hot regenerative heating plate, an emulsified asphalt spraying system and a...
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  • Asphalt Pavement Repair Machine

    Asphalt patching machine Product details SDZ5107TXBE asphalt pavement repairing machine first blows the ground to be repaired with compressed air, removes loose dirt, sprays certain bonded...
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  • Hot Reclaimed Road Repair Machine

    Hot regenerative pavement repair machine SDZ5107TXBE asphalt pavement repair machines are: asphalt pavement is geothermal renewable, compulsory mixing asphalt concrete, asphalt, pavement...
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  • Multi-function Road Repair Machine

    Multi-function road repair machine All company products elegant appearance, reliable performance, its economy and practicability by customers favor, SDZ5084TXB series asphalt pavement thermal...
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