Road Repair Vehicle

  • Asphalt Pavement Repair Vehicle

    Asphalt repair truck Product details It is designed for many kinds of diseases, such as pit, inclusion, subsidence and so on, caused by asphalt pavement. Flexible, fast, safe and efficient...
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  • Mobile Pavement Repair Vehicle

    Mobile road repair vehicle Mobile road repair vehicle SDZ5107TXBE asphalt pavement heat regeneration repair vehicle, large output, high efficiency, low construction cost, energy saving and...
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  • Hot Regeneration Road Repair Car

    Multifunctional road repair vehicle Multi-functional road repair car has: asphalt pavement is geothermal renewable, compulsory mixing asphalt concrete, asphalt, pavement crack seam tracking...
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  • Asphalt Road Repair Car

    Multifunctional road repair vehicle Introduction of asphalt pavement thermal regeneration repair vehicle: Once a pit is formed on the road surface, the service life of the road surface will be...
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  • Multifunctional Road Repair Vehicle

    Road repair vehicle Product details: The multi-functional road repair vehicle is designed for many kinds of diseases, such as pit, overburden and subsidence caused by asphalt pavement. Flexible,...
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  • The Hot Regenerative Road Repairs Cars

    Hot regenerative road repair vehicle Thermal-regenerative road repair car has: asphalt road surface on the geothermal regeneration, asphalt concrete compulsory mixing, other hydraulic power for...
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