Road Sweeping Car

  • High Speed Road Sweeper

    High speed road sweeper Product overview: High speed road sweeper has many functions, such as road surface cleaning, road surface cleaning, road edge cleaning, road edge and road edge surface...
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  • High-quality Road Sweeper

    High quality road sweeper Product overview: Type SDZ5168TSLE sweeper made sinotruk Ⅴ 2 kinds of modified car chassis, equipped with high-pressure cleaning dust system, fresh water, maintenance...
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  • Multi-function Road Sweeper

    Multi-purpose road sweeper Features of road sweeper: 1, products based on the company independent research and development of road cleaning technology and launch of a new generation of road...
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We are professional road sweeping car manufacturers in China, providing high-quality customized products for sale. Please feel free to buy the newest road sweeping car in stock here from our factory.
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