Sweep the Floor Machine

  • Powerful Road Sweeper

    Strong road sweeper 1. Product overview: The model SDZ5168TSLE sweeping machine has a tank volume of 4.2m3, and the water tank has a liquid level alarm protection device. When the liquid level is...
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  • No Road Sweeping Machine for Secondary Engine

    Road sweeper without auxiliary engine Product overview: Road sweeper has many functions such as road surface cleaning, road surface cleaning, road edge cleaning, road edge and road edge surface...
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  • High Speed Highway Road Sweeping Machine

    High speed highway road sweeping machine (1) the chassis of the cleaning vehicle adopts China heavy steam class ii cargo vehicle, which meets various construction conditions. The engine is German...
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  • Pure Suction Type Sanitation Sweeper

    Pure suction loop sweeper Features: Pre-high pressure water spraying device, can spray dust removal, high pressure cleaning, dust removal and cleaning effects far higher than traditional spraying...
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  • No Auxiliary Engine Sanitation Sweep

    No auxiliary engine ring - guard road sweeper Features: (1) no auxiliary engine, no centrifuge, chassis capacity extraction, low road construction cost, no more than 5 yuan per kilometer of...
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  • Highway Sanitation Sweeping Machine

    Highway sanitation sweeper Sweep road car using sinotruk group jinan commercial vehicle co., LTD production of ZZ1167G451CE1 modified truck chassis, the vehicle has a stable performance, easy...
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  • Road Suction Sweeper

    Suction sweeper Product overview: Road sweeper with sinotruk HOWO truck the five second class chassis, equipped with high-pressure cleaning dust system, fresh water, maintenance box, dustbin,...
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  • High Speed Pavement Sweeper

    High speed road sweeper Product features: The rear cleaning roller adopts a new special nylon wool brush, which has the advantages of simple maintenance, small maintenance and low cost compared...
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  • The Airport Road Sweeper

    Airport sweeper Product features: 1.Sweep choose special new nylon brush roll, cleaning speed, compared with the traditional sweep road car, low noise, wear resistance higher obvious advantages;...
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