Watering Vehicle

  • Multi-function Road Sprinkler

    Multi-function road sprinkler Product introduction: Multi-function sprinkler is a upgrade product, on the basis of the sprinkler set green sprinkler, aerial work, spraying pesticide, emergency...
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  • Large Watering Cart

    Big sprinkler Product synopsis: The front sprinkler of the multi-function sprinkler has a low position, close to the ground, and the spraying pressure is large, which can be used to flush the road...
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  • City Watering Cart

    City sprinkler Product synopsis: Multi-function Sprinklers are also known as spray trucks, multi-function sprinklers, landscaping sprinklers, and waterwheels. The sprinkler is suitable for...
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  • Medium Road Sprinkler Cart

    Medium road sprinkler Features of sprinkler: 1. Complete functions: spray before, sprinkle after, install water cannon after, pump in and out. 2. High configuration: automatic control valve,...
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  • Greening Road Watering Cart

    Green road sprinkler 2. Main features (1) low level alarm is selected and installed. When the water level is too low, an alarm bell will appear in the driving room. (2) add arrow indicator light...
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  • City Road Sprinkler Cart

    City road sprinkler 2. Main features (1) high water spraying is suitable for concentrated spraying of trees and flowers in the green belt. (2) it is more convenient and practical to add water to...
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  • Garden Watering Cart

    Garden sprinkler 2. Main features (5) the rear sprinkler is suitable for cooling and dust removal. (6) : the tank adopts large special mould for positioning and welding, so as to ensure that the...
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  • Street Cleanout Sprinkler

    Clean the sprinkler The main features (1) power and gas control can be selected for pre-washing, post-sprinkler sprinkler and post-duck bill sprinkler, and the operation is more flexible and...
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  • Street Water Truck

    Street sprinkler Chassis configuration: Cab: 2080 wide - body half - deck cab Engine: ISF3.8s5168 Transmission: WLY6G70 transmission Force extractor: 6g120q-0000a1 Front axle: 1090 front axle...
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  • Medium Green Watering Cart

    Medium green sprinkler Main features (1) reserve the self-priming port, and standard self-priming function. The self - suction port adopts fast connector, convenient and fast. The suction height...
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  • Highway Greening Sprinkler

    Highway green sprinkler Product introduction: Multi-function sprinkler is an upgraded product based on sprinkler. It is a multi-functional vehicle that combines greening, watering, spraying,...
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  • Greening Cleaning Water Spraying Vehicle

    Greening cleaning water spraying vehicle Technical parameters Overall vehicle size: 8320 * 2400 * 2990mm Chassis model: ZZ1167G451CE1 (sinotruk) Quality of the vehicle (kg) : 6790kg Rated load...
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